Photography and Creative Direction

With a mind ticking in psychology and a soul born from the arts, I aspire to approach each job as first a listener seeking to understand and see the vision at hand. Then, directing and working in a way to bring about an accurate yet imaginative visual narrative. After photographing professionally for over 13 years in many facets of photography, I've found that remaining authentic to my personality brings my work together collectively. Working with both film & digital, my style is personal, cohesive, and imaginative - drawing much inspiration from both the natural world and timeless design.

Working and collaborating with brands has preciously preserved my passion and creativity in a long held industry. I enjoy blending themes of selective color palettes, negative space, creative shapes, and the exploration of light. I embrace the challenge of problem solving, discerning, perceiving, and collaborating to bring about a unique and authentic visual of each brand's vision and story. I like to think of brands as living, breathing beings. I listen to the voice of your brand and share each unique story with intention and creativity.