Frequent Questions

You've got questions? I've got answers. Here is a compilation of the questions I get most commonly. Take a moment to read through each of them so you can see the way I work, the experience you can expect, and of course don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more!




How long have you been a photographer?

13 years! I began shooting much longer than that but officially registered my business at 16 (:

Will you photograph my wedding if it isn't intimate? What is the guest count cap?

As much as I love intimate weddings, I've grown to appreciate the feeling of intimacy that can be experienced on an elopement, a micro wedding, and a larger wedding as well! Some of my favorite weddings have actually been huge ones - but the culture and intimacy made each of them feel like the most precious, comfy, and intimate day ever. I've learned over the years that a wedding is all about the mindset - not the size. Though I tend to specialize in intimate weddings and elopements, I definitely accept larger weddings on a case by case basis. I have investment packages that accommodate this with a second shooter and coverage for the entire weekend - wedding weekends are a new love of mine!

Are you and Caleb still a photography duo and team? Does he still shoot with you?

Yes! As my husband / best friend / built in photo buddy he still assists with my photography as a second shooter. He will forever and always be my first choice because I refuse to work with anyone else (we just work so well together and have such an established system) unless he absolutely isn't available. But as our life has grown and evolved, Zephyr & Tide is headed in a personal development direction for me that allows Caleb to explore and pursue his own career path as well. The years we cherished as a full time husband and wife team will always be precious to us! But we are so loving this era of growth and exploration. Certainly the best part of marriage is growing individually, together <3 If your session requires a second shooter, Caleb will be hired in addition as a second shooter normally is. Though we have some packages that offer 2 shooters as well (:

How many weddings do you take per year?

Each year is different according to our circumstances and schedule. But I do cap my weddings to about 8-12 per year. I started doing this in 2017 and it completely changed my client experience, work flow, and the amount of intention and time I give to my couples. I'll never go back to 50+ weddings a year again haha. Quality over quantity bb <3

Where are you based? Do you still travel for weddings?

Hawaii & Northern California. In 2022 we moved to the Santa Cruz mountains but we still have our home in Hawaii as well. I have investment packages for both where travel is inclusive. For any locations outside of here, travel is charged in addition. And yes, I still travel!

What is your turnaround time?

Because I take on only a limited amount of weddings per year, I have a faster turn around time than I used to! This depends on the season, how busy I am, how much I'm traveling, and how much I shoot. Typically, for sessions I deliver them within 4 weeks and weddings I deliver them within 12. I put a lot of intention into my editing and workflow so I try to give them back to you in a timely manner without feeling rushed.

Do you deliver any RAW unedited images?

I don't rely on editing to create beautiful images but without my post process, they will always feel half way done. I often get really inspired during our session and receive a vision for the tones and feelings I want to bring across in the final product. Because of this I wont ever deliver the RAW images. I do my best to deliver a complete session without too many duplicates, but if there is an image you feel I missed then I am happy to go back and check. You can always ask! (:

How many images do you include?

I try not to give my clients a "cap" because these memories are so special! But in each of my packages I include an amount that you can *expect* to receive and often I go over this amount. I don't believe in limiting your memories to gain more money and shoot very intuitively. You wont feel a lacking of photos, I promise ;)

What is required to book you? How do payments work?

In moving forward with the proposal, I require a signed contract and 50% non refundable retainer to secure your spot on my calendar. The remaining 50% is due 2 months in advance for weddings, 1 month in advance for shoots. You can also split these payments up into segments of 3 in order to make it more affordable. I'm happy to work with you!

What if we need to cancel or reschedule our shoot/wedding?

If you've already put a deposit down on a date then have to move/cancel it, the deposit is legally non refundable and a new deposit will have to be made in order to reserve a new date. I do my best to accommodate any unexpected emergencies but sometimes things are out of my control and it's best to be transparent about this up front.

What if you cant make it to our wedding?

It would literally have to be death, an extreme life threatening scenario, or natural disaster to hold me back from being there. But in the very worse case I would do my best to find a trusted replacement photographer to take my place with similar style. If I can't make it to your wedding your money would be refunded. I literally never thought this would be a scenario until *cough* Covid. And through that experience I've implemented some plans to give myself and my clients a sense of security.

What if there's bad weather?

I always encourage embracing the elements as this is what makes each session incredibly raw, real, organic, and unique. But if it is harsh enough to ruin our time (or even my gear) then we can reschedule for a time that works for the both of us.

Can you photoshop us?

I wont alter or change anything authentic about the way you look. Outside of temporary skin blemishes and bruises (unless you'd like me to keep it in the photos). If you're self conscious about something, please let me know as I'll be sure to be extra aware while I'm directing you during our session.

What should we wear?

I've got a helpful guide I'll send over to you!

Do you photograph families or senior photos?

I take these sessions on a case by case basis. I like to give my schedule priority to my couples and fellow creatives so sometimes I may not be available. However, I love capturing these sessions with intention. Families and students who are willing to get creative, be incredibly authentic, and have a story to tell - I'm here for it. Let's break out of the ordinary and share your lil legacy.

Do you offer discounts?

No, my prices are firm. I've put a lot of intention into my prices to give my clients the best value while energetically allowing myself to create my best work. My approach to business is holistic. I price to preserve my passion and offer a beautiful client experience.