Sometimes you just hit what feels like a dead end. A completely inevitable creative road block. We totally get it. This has happened to us over and over and over again. And sometimes you hit a wall, knowing exactly what you want but can't seem to close that gap between what you want and being there. Well we want to help you close that gap. We want to help you overcome this burnout so that you can get back to enjoying what you love and focusing on what matters! These creative burnouts actually help you. They push you to grow into being your best. Your best person, growing your best business, and creating your best art.

So we urge you to either take up a workshop, sign up for a mentorship, or even reach out to other fellow creatives with questions! We urge your to never stop learning and never stop pushing yourself. Everyone has room to learn and to grow. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for 20 years, learning and asking questions is the best thing you can do to better yourself. We’re all about community over competition over here and everything we do is out on the table.

We can go over anything from gaining your ideal clients, workflow, editing + processing, branding, social media + marketing, your online presence, posing + directing, making your subjects feel comfortable, offering and specializing in a range of different photography, marketing yourself for destination jobs and weddings, and maintaining a life full of intention + being present all while growing your passion into your business. So lets have some fun, learn from each other, and create some amazing art!

never stop learning


Video Call Sessions

These sessions typically last anywhere from 1-3 hours and we can even take an intermission in between! We are an open book so prepare your questions for us ahead of time! We can cover topics like editing + processing, ideal clients, workflow, social media + marketing, branding, offering a wide range of photography services, pricing + contracts, and more! At the end of the session you will receive a PDF of some useful tips + strategies we have as well as one of our very own presets!

So contact us, prepare your questions, and when the time comes for our session throw your comfy pj's on, pour a glass of wine, and lets hang!

$200.00 Per Hour


In Person Mentor Sessions

These sessions typically last around 6 hours. We start off by grabbing a coffee and hanging out a bit while going over any questions you have prepared for us. Then we set off for our styled shoot. Whether you are wanting to grow in your commercial + editorial work, working with + directing couples, or taking those adventurous travel photos.. we can completely style this shoot to your needs! Afterwards we'll grab some food and edit the photos together. This is when we go over editing + processing working with Adobe Lightroom. Then we finish the day off with branding + website critique, social media + marketing discussions, workflow, your online presence, and most importantly staying grounded and putting intention in your personal life while growing your business.

These sessions take place on the Big Island of Hawaii where we live but keep an eye out on our travel schedule and reach out ahead of time if we are in your area! We'll try to set something up. Ready to learn and grow from each other?! Plus have a super epic fun loving adventurous photo taking and eat good food day?! Lets hang!

so lets hang out and get you amped on your passion!