Wander Dates

2018/2019 Destinations

Each year we do our best to keep our travel dates updated! Reach out to us if we are in your area to shoot, book a mentorship, grab a coffee, or just hang! Not coming your way? Contact us and lets see what we can do.


  We love shooting destination Weddings and Elopements! So much that we offer 15% off our packages to all weddings outside of Hawaii and 25% off to all weddings outside of the United States. We also have a bucket list of some pretty rad places. These places involve an incredible deal : we shoot your wedding for free (yup, free) as long as you cover our travel fees! In order to take advantage of this deal the following things would apply :

  • Must be in any of the following destinations : Iceland, New Zealand, Azores, Faroe Islands, Italy, Greece, Malta, Jordan, Peru, and Indonesia
  • Must be at least 50 in attendance or less
  • Must be super duper in love
  • Must have a rad time with us

  If you’re getting married in a destination that isn’t covered on this list but still super rad then reach out to us!

Wander Guides

After years of sending tons of friends, future brides, and other fellow travelers our travel itineraries and travel tips we’ve finally decided to launch some unique travel guides that have helped so many! These include suggestions from places to see, where to stay, what to do, and other things we wish we knew before going! We’ve got some exciting itineraries and more on the way that you can find in our Travel Journal. But we want to hear from you. What places would you like help with? Which destination would you like covered next??

Here is a list of the places we can cover below!


– Denmark

– Faroe Islands

– France

– Italy

– Greece

– Malta

– Turkey

– Spain

– Portugal

– Switzerland

– Ireland

– Northern Ireland

– Scotland

– England

– Iceland

– Norway


– Morocco


– Bali


– Canada

– California Road Trip

– West Coast Road Trip (Washington – Arizona)

– East Coast Road Trip (Canada – New York)

Hawaiian Islands

– Big Island

– Oahu

– Maui

– Kauai

– Molokai

– Lanai